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Are you ready to begin your Boomer years journey of vibrant living and giving?
Here are three ways you can work with me:

If you are not sure where to start, you can always begin with “First Things First”—
a complimentary 45 minute session with me.

“First Things First” complimentary 45 minute session
In this complimentary 45 minute session, you will learn how to access your Inner Guidance, and listen for your inner truth for the next right action in your journey to live vibrantly in your Boomer years.

Contact me for session.


“Sacred Self-Care”:   

During your earlier years in your career and raising your family many of your goals were set for you—get done whatever needed to get done in a timely manner.  Now in retirement—life is different. Goal setting feels different.  Maybe, for the first time, your focus can be on you—instead of others—family, career.  It is hard for you to switch from cleaning out those long neglected closets, and saying yes to requests from others to help them out.  You have vague memories of intentions to get more exercise, improve what you put in your mouth, take steps to deepen your spiritual life.

This is a new stage in your life.  There is a new clean slate for you to work with.  Old ways of setting goals, to meet others’ expectations,  do not work.  Now you can turn your attention to you. You get to determine what direction you take.   You can use your heart for instead of your mind.  You can learn how to go into your heart to set your goals and receive support in manifesting your heart based goals.

Here is what you will receive:
• Guidance to clarify your Self-Care needs.
• Action steps that can be easily accomplished.
• Tools for overcoming challenges and obstacles.
• Accountability with love and compassion.
• Celebration as your goals are manifested.
• Support from like-souled Boomer Women.

Comment from current group participant:
“Each week, I am amazed what Divine Guidance flows through me.  The group bonding and support helps me stay on track.  The encouragement I receive is priceless.”
Rifqa L.

The Details:
The “Sacred Self-Care  group is small—-maximum of 6.
We meet weekly on the phone, the first 4 weeks of each month.
Each call is 1 ½ hours long.
The cost is $100, paid in advance, to hold your space.

The next start date is TBA
Here is how the conference call works:  I will send you a reminder e-mail the day before with the conference call number.  Everyone in the “Sacred Self-Care” group calls into the conference call line a few minutes before the time of the call.  Sometimes it takes more than one try to get through.  If you get a busy signal just keep calling.  Everyone in the group will be on the same phone line!!  I will welcome each of you and we will take a few minutes to let go of the day and drop into our hearts.  Then we will move into the essence of the call—setting and manifesting monthly goals from the heart.

The focus of the first call of the month is to help you set goals for that month that feel right in your heart for you!!  The calls the rest of the month will include a check-in on how your goals are progressing.  We will look at action steps, including any challenges you might anticipate for meeting your weekly goals.

Because of the spiritual nature and intention of the calls, each week there is this magic that happens—-group members share exactly what other members are needing to hear.  Group members report they feel supported, that their goals are met, even when ‘life happens’!!

Participant comment:
Being in a group gives me an opportunity to focus on specific issues that I may need clarity on, setting up a plan of action to achieve my goals.  I have discovered a shared group dynamic – bringing up concerns that are playing out in my life echoes the walking of others in the group.  Jamila is wonderful at keeping it real – she has her own special way of grounding and connecting that makes working with her simply effective.”

I invite you to check into your heart for ?????, and join me to see how the rest of 2013 might unfold for you!

Your investment:
$100 month (only $25 per call.)
To book your place for next month, or for several months, please choose an option below
1 month $100       3 months $280      6 months $550
If you have any questions, please get in touch… I’m always happy to hear from you (link to contact page)

Comment from participant:
” Jamila has the magical ability to relax me and help me connect with my deepest heart and the hearts of others in our group. I am so grateful for reminders to breathe and access my inner guidance moment by moment. I’m achieving my goals and dreams and becoming my best self. Our calls are nurturing reconnections to all that is best in myself, in life and in others.”
Ready to sign up???

Here are the details:

When:  TBA
Time:  5:30 pacific, 7:30 central, 8:30 eastern
Length:  1 ½ hours
Cost:  $100 for all 4 calls
Group size:  max 6

How to pay:  button below or e-mail me to send check;

 Find and Live Your Bucket List
Learn how these years in the Boomer stage of your life can be your most fulfilling and joyful,
by creating a Bucket List of what you want to accomplish. Meet weekly with a small group of like-minded women (maximum 6) via telecourse for 1 ½ to 2 hours per week for 6 weeks. You will receive support, guidance, and mentoring to discover, refine and manifest your BoomerWomanBucketList.

More Details:  click here



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Work With Me

Are you ready to begin your Boomer years journey of vibrant living and giving? Here are three ways you can work with me...

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