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There are three keys to help these retirement years be your best years.
These keys are: Sacred Self-Care, Inspired Intention, and Alive Action.

Sacred Self-Care:

Sacred Self-Care includes caring for your body, your heart and your soul.  Body Care includes what you eat, how you move your body, and your mental attitude.  Heart Care includes looking at present and past relationships that need some love.  Soul Care includes following your passions and serving in some way.

Inspired Intention:

Getting things done during your earlier years may have been checking items off your ‘to do’ list as fast and efficiently as you could. There is a new way of getting things done in these retirement years—connecting to your heart for inner guidance for enjoyable action steps that can lead to these years being your best years.

Alive Action:
Perhaps in your career or family life, you achieved great things, but it was hard work and took a lot of effort. When you listen to your heart and follow inner guidance, your actions become flowing, rather than full of effort. Your actions will feel inspired from the Universe supporting you. Your action steps will help you feel alive and inspired.

By paying attention to these three keys – Sacred Self Care, Inspired Intention, and Alive Action, you can align your daily activities, as well as any major projects, with your own heart, so you really can enjoy living and giving during your Boomer years.

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