Did you look forward to your retirement years, yet your experience is not working out as you envisioned?  Somehow your dreams of being retired are not playing out as you had hoped.   I help women whose retirement is not going as planned, who want these years to be their best years,  and need some direction to move in that direction.

You are established in retirement, or maybe newly retired.  You thought you would do all those things you had been putting off.   You find yourself getting  over-committed, continually needing to work toward balance.  Details seem to fill up your days, not the interests you so eagerly looked forward to pursuing.   You are discovering areas of your life that have been neglected, that are now asking for attention.  What about this tug in your heart to spend time giving back in some way?

There is a lot of attention in the media about how to manage these years, this last trimester of your life.  You are mixed between optimism and overwhelm. Your positive thoughts about being a retiree have dampened when you look at other women your age.   Where you do look for answers that work for you and your heart, to have these years be your best years??

All of these feelings and hesitations are completely understandable.
You are completing one stage of your life, letting go of the old you and exploring this new you.

The good news is:  You can find the balance and self-care that feels right for you, so that these years can be your best years!!

Experiencing these years as your best years takes having a clear heart-felt vision.  Want to play more—-in the garden, dancing, out in nature??  Want to travel?  Want to give back to your community in some way??  This can happen when you have both a sense of purpose for your retirement years and balance in your life.

Hi, I’m Donna Jamila Crews… Early in my career, I worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, developing and directing healing programs for adults and youth experiencing abuse and addiction. Then I spent many years helping people experience physical and emotional healing using spiritual practices and tools. After retiring, I passionately pursued – and achieved – a Masters of Divinity, specializing in Peacemaking and Healing, from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. Today, I love serving as a Spiritual Healing Practitioner and Motivator, helping Boomer Women have these years be their best years, experiencing balance in their lives.


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