Is This You

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you:

1.  You thought you had retirement figured out… 

You thought you would do all those things you had been putting off.  Yet your time is filled up with details, not necessarily anything meaningful. There are areas of your life, like self-care, that need attention.  Your positive thoughts about being a retiree have dampened when you look at other women your age. 

2. You’re wondering what’s next?

As one phase of life finishes, and your responsibilities change, you wonder what direction to take that will give you a sense of purpose, contribution, and fulfilment.  You have a yearning to serve in some way, and to spend time renewing passions, like gardening or painting.  It seems like you have a special opportunity at this time in your life.  You feel a calling to live vibrantly, and experience balance in your life… But you need to figure out how to go about this.

3. You have spent years getting things done. You are good at it. But now you would love to find more freedom from some of the responsibilities of your earlier years, to get things done without getting tired and depleted, and without over commenting.

You don’t want to spend these next years sitting around, doing the crosswords. But you don’t want to have to work so hard either. Is there a way to live vibrantly, follow your passions, and make a contribution, without burning out?

4. You gained competence and success from building your career and raising a family, and you’re not ready to let your skills and talent go to waste.

You recognize the wisdom, deep compassion and skill set that you acquired from all those years in your career and raising a family.  You feel those skills could be used in this next phase of your life. Yet you wonder exactly how… Maybe learning something new or giving in some way?

5.  Looking for a fresh perspective to our cultural views on aging?

You feel immersed in cultural onslaught about aging, and want the operating focus of your life to be an optimistic belief about getting older.  You would love to live these years in a joyful, fulfilled way, to have these years be the best of your life.  You would like some focus in this direction, some clarification about your life’s purpose for this stage of your life. 

Here at BoomerWomanBucketList, I work with retired women who are:

  • recently retired or considering retirement

  • grandparents, parents, empty-nesters or childless

  • looking for what’s next in this stage of your life

  • have a deep desire to have these years be your best years

 My approach will work best for you if you have the following values:

  • You feel your wisdom can help make the world a better place for future generations

  • You have an optimistic nature and like to be part of positive change

  • You are looking for a community of like-souled women

  • You believe these retirement years can be your best years.

If this sounds like you, read How It Works or check out Work With Me


Is This You?

You care about our planet, and the world your kids and grandkids will inherit... You’re wondering what’s next...

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