Molly profileHi, I’m Donna Jamila Crews, founder of BoomerWomanBucketList.

If you are retired or heading toward retirement, have worked hard in your career and/or raising your family and you are now eager to live a vibrant life, making these years your best years, then you’re in the right place.

I am also a retired Boomer woman who is deeply passionate about vibrantly living these years as my best, plus helping our planet heal… Let me share with you stories from my past that have helped to shape who I am now:

Vibrantly Alive
A few years ago, my husband was diagnosed with brain tumors. When the doctor showed him the x-ray and told us it was time to call hospice, he never said, “Why me?” In fact, his next words were, “Let’s go eat and see the grandkids”.

Not once in the 8 weeks between seeing those brain tumors and his passing from this life did he say “Why me?” or “Let’s fix this”. He knew he had received his ticket for the hereafter. He was ready. His priority was doing what he loved most in the time he had left on this earth. Experiencing his graceful surrender to how he was to leave this world is one of the holiest experiences of my life. He left this life just as he lived his life—vibrantly alive.

Witnessing my husband during his journey leaving this world, I have a sense of the importance of making the most of every moment we have, of finding and living the passion in our hearts, not waiting around for ….whatever it is we are waiting for!!!

Inspired Self Care
When I turned 60, I stopped coloring my hair. The moment I walked out of the beauty salon with gray hair, I began experiencing our cultural bias toward youth and from aging. The gray hair elicited responses in the general public like I was an old woman. I was surprised. Our cultural attitude toward aging, to say the least, lacks encouragement to live a vibrant life as we grow older. Being treated as an old woman, I quickly realized the need to let go of what other people think, while focusing on my own self-care so I can live vibrantly this final ⅓ of my life. For me personally, vibrancy includes self care of the body, heart, and soul plus being in service, finding my unique way to help our planet heal.

Helping Our Planet Heal
Social media has helped me realize how blessed I am to live the lifestyle I experience, and how so many on our planet have so little. Social media has also shown me that many, many people helping in small ways can heal this huge divide in the have and have nots. I am passionate about helping Boomer women who wish to find their unique contribution. For me personally, believing in a Higher Power, whom I refer to as Allah, in the Sufi way, helps me keep a positive perspective on the future of our planet. My current passion is supporting women in third world countries with microloans to help them be business owners.

Since realising how important this time is for me, I also realised it is important for many other women… And I also knew that I have many skills to help myself and others navigate these issues… So I wanted to create a space where we could come together to make sense of this important time in our lives…

In my career, I worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker developing and directing healing programs for adults and youth experiencing abuse and addiction. More recently I received a Masters of Divinity, specializing in Family Lineage Healing, from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. I love serving as a Spiritual Healing Practitioner and Motivator working primarily with women desiring to live vibrantly during their Boomer years, including helping our planet heal.

I am offering women who are retired the opportunity to explore how to make these years be there best years, including making a contribution to the healing of our planet. I am committed to helping myself and other women live vibrant, outrageous, joyful, happy lives as we move through our retirement years.  I invite you to join this lively community of like-souled women.

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