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Mother’s Day—-receiving calls from the out of town kids, eating out with local kids, plus deep sadness missing Memer, who died 2 years ago.  I was hesitant to be with the sadness—-emotions are not my fav. 
Memer was a Mama to me for 50 years, longer than my own Mom—  who died when I was 36 years old.  Memer had 5 kids, taught me about being in a large family and sibling love.  Memer helped me evolve from margarine to butter, from cool whip to whipping cream, from miracle whip to mayonnaise.  I learned to pick corn out of the garden, then to freeze it.  Best of all, Memer was the best grandma my kids could ever experience.
Memer gave me so many memories that continue to bring joy to my heart, in this moment, right now.   
I felt my sadness, instead of pushing it away.  The tears led me to a deeper feeling—gratitude.
Embracing the sadness at not having Memer here, to celebrate Mother’s Day, moving thru the sadness, helped me smile at the lasting influence she is having on my life.
All this to say—-Father’s Day is coming up.  Let the celebration of the day be an opportunity for you to embrace any sadness you may be feeling, sadness that just might lead you into gratitude.

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