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You recently retired—-now you finally have all that time, to sleep in, catchup on books, sip tea!!  Wait—–sleeping in, catching up on books, sipping tea?  That lasted about a week!!!!
You are busier than ever—-what happened??
An unexpected broken left tibia—-right at the  knee—-gifted me with a very unexpected 6 weeks ‘staycation’—home-bound in a leg brace and on crutches.  Out of house only for ortho doc appointments   Thank goodness for a living room surrounded with windows!!!! Lots of time to spend just as I wish, right??  What I have noticed is—just like when I was driving all over town, I managed to fill my time with—stuff—-instead of what really matters to me—-like writing this article!!!  Article writing has been on my ‘to-do’ list for months.  Even being ‘home-bound’, going out only once every week or two, it still took me three weeks to get into article writing!!!
Slowing waaay down did not do it!! I still found plenty to do, other than writing articles!!!  My thought was that I could not write without a coach or writing course.  The solution then came to me!!  I took a few long deep inhales, relaxed letting exhales. breaths, listened to my inner guidance whispering—‘You can do this!!’
From that place the writing flowed through me!
If you are feeling stuck, or you are wasting time or procrastinating, here are some ideas that might be helpful:
1.  Determine what it is that you want to get done..
2.  Stop, sit, settle in, and then take several long, slow, full inhales, from your belly
3.  Let your exhales be long, slow, emptying, even longer than your inhales.
4.  Listen, from that quiet place inside, for inner guidance.
5.  Take one small step, one small action from that guidance, right away.
If you notice you are not making the best use of your time, instead of beating yourself up,
slow down, pause, listen for guidance, and then take one small step, and then another step.

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